Our USB-WiFi sensor device multiple connectivity

Our USB-WiFi sensor devices offer many different connectivities and options to our customers. The following functional block diagram summarizes all the functions and features available from our sensor products.

Our WiFi sensor devices (Models LFS104A & LFS104B series) provides USB and WiFi connections. From the WiFi connection, you can collect sensor data and save them to the cloud (Thingspeak.com IoT Cloud platform). Using the IoT cloud platform, you can perform MATLAB analysis and data visualizations. Once the sensor data is stored in the IoT cloud, you can connect to other cloud services such as Twitter, IFTTT.com, or Amazon AWS and perform additional functions. For example, from IFTTT.com, you can send an email, SMS, or other notifications based on your sensor data threshold value.

Our USB sensor devices (e.g. Model LFS108D) provides USB connection to PCs and other computer boards such as Raspberry Pi. From the PC app, you can perform the following functions:

  • Monitor & Log sensor data locally or send them to the cloud. Once the data is sent to the cloud, you can take advantage of all the cloud services available to our WiFi devices.
  • Send an email or SMS on sensor alarm conditions
  • Record sensor data only on alarm conditions
  • Take a picture of the event using a Webcam on alarm condition
  • Verbalize your own message when an alarm condition occurs

Our sensing devices provide multiple connectivity, flexibility, and ease of use for your applications.

USB-WiFi sensor devices with multiple connectivities

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