Additional Display options for our USB and WiFi sensing devices in the Cloud

You can display sensor data from our USB and WiFi devices on IoT Cloud platform in many different ways. Besides the basic line plot, you can display the sensor data in a Gauge display format or you can display two sensor parameters on one plot.

Let say you are monitoring ambient temperature and relative humidity using any of our sensing devices such as LFS108B, or LFS104A/AW. Here are the steps to create a Gauge display:

1- Create an account with and create a private Channel called Weather station.

2- Go to Channel Settings tab, and fill in all the settings for your fields of measurement.

3- From Private View screen, click on Add Widgets button. Click on Gauge display and then click Next. A menu comes up where you can fill in the settings for your Gauge display, see Figure 1. Note that the gauge display is related to channel field number. In this example, Field 1 is related to Temperature, and Field 2 is related to Humidity. When complete, click Save to finish.

4- You can create two Gauge displays, one for Temperature and one for Humidity. See Figure 2 for the line and gauge displays.

You can now create a 2 Y-Axes (Temperature and Humidity) on one plot. Here are the steps:

1- From Private View screen, click on MATLAB Visualization button. A new screen will open. Select "Create a 2-D line plots with y-axes on both left and right side", and then click Create.

2- You will see the MATLAB code for the 2 Y-Axes plot. You will need to fill in your Channel ID, 1 and 2 for fieldID1 and fieldID2, and the API Read key code. All the channel information is on the right side of the screen. When complete, click Save and Run button. See Figure 3.

3- Now you have Temperature & Humidity on one plot added to your Private View screen. See Figure 4.

 Gauge Display Settings menu

Figure 1 - Gauge Display Settings menu

Gauge and Line Plot Displays

Figure 2 - Gauge and Line Plot Displays of Temperature & Humidity

Matlab code for 2Y-Axis Plot

Figure 3 - MATLAB code for 2Y-Axes Plot of Temperature & Humidity

2Y-Axes Plot of Temperature & Humidity

Figure 4 - 2Y-Axes Plot of Temperature & Humidity


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