Remote (External) and Ambient Temperature sensors to USB output

Model LFS108A is a small board (2.35 x 0.7 inches) that measures remote (external) and ambient temperature with direct USB interface. It connects to a PC USB port, or a computer board like Raspberry Pi. The product comes with a powerful PC application as well as sample Python and (National Instruments) Labview programs. From the PC application you can perform many functions such as:

  • Monitors & Logs ambient temperature and external temperature
  • Sends email and text message on alarm condition
  • Live video of the measurement event via Webcam
  • Takes a picture of the event and emails it on alarm condition
  • Sends real time data to the Cloud for data visualization and analysis - IoT Platform ThingSpeak - No subscription fees
  • Verbalizes a message on alarm condition
  • Software Field Calibration
  • Monitor & Log up to 12 USB sensors simultaneously using our free data acquisition software (LFSDAQ)

Hardware Specification Highlights

  • Ambient Temperature Range: -15 to 85 °C (5 to 185 °F)
  • Ambient Temperature Accuracy: 1.4 °C (2.5 °F)
  • External Temperature Range: -55 to 125 °C (-67 to 257 °F)
  • External Temperature Accuracy: 0.5 °C (1 °F) from -10 to 85 °C
  • Dimensions: 2.35 x 0.70 inches (59.7 x 17.8 mm)
  • PC Software is included
  • Connect to Computer boards such as Raspberry Pi. Sample Python program is available
  • Interfaces National Instruments Labview program. Sample vi program is available
  • Product comes with a USB cable and an External Temperature Probe

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Remote (External) and Ambient Temperature sensors to USB output, Model LFS108A

Model LFS108A and Remote Temperature sensor

Model LFS108A PC application


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