Thermocouple / Millivolt Input Noise Reduction Filter Board

We are introducing a thermocouple / millivolt input noise reduction filter board, model LFS110BB. It accepts any type of thermocouple / millivolt signal input and provides a filtered signal output. Its small size (1.300 x 0.650 inches) allows the board to be used in tight space requirements. This is an addition to our line of LFS110 series thermocouple connector filter board.

The filter board is a 2nd order passive Low Pass filter which reduces noise on the thermocouple / millivolt signal line due to RFI/EMI noise. No external power is required to operate the filter board.

For best results, it is recommended to use shielded thermocouple / millivolt wire and connect the shield to the shield connection of the LFS110 device. For more information, please refer to the product web page.

Go to the Product page - LFS110

LFS110BB - Thermocouple/millivolt noise reduction filter board

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