Remote Infrared Temperature Measurement

We are introducing options on our USB and WiFi sensor devices for remote infrared temperature measurement. This option allows the customer to measure non-contact temperature in tight and hard to reach places. The IR sensor board is only 0.550 x 0.650 inches. All the functions and features of the sensor device remains the same. This options is now available on the following sensor devices:

LFS108C3 - Infrared & Ambient temperature sensors to USB output

LFS108D3 - Infrared & Ambient temperature, humidity sensors to USB output

LFS104B3/BW3 - Infrared & Ambient temperature, humidity, barometric pressure sensors to WiFi/USB/Alarm output

Other Developments

We have added Product Review feature to our on-line store, so customers can write a product review. This provides a valuable feedback so we can expand and improve our product portfolio.

We have added Google Pay to our list of payment options, so customers with Google account can do a fast and simple checkout. We already have PayPal and Apple Pay as other available payment options. 

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