Bundle of USB sensors, Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Infrared, Frequency, Model LFS108F
Data Acquisition software to monitor up to 12 USB sensors, LFSDAQ
Ambient temperature, humidity, dew point data logging software-LFS108B
Non-contact infrared temperature, ambient temperature data logging software-LFS108C
Frequency, flow, contact, event, counter data logging software-LFS108E
Sensing Devices

Bundle of 3 USB sensor boards - Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Infrared, Frequency - Model LFS108F

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RoHS Compliant

Typical Applications

  • Bundle of 3 USB sensor boards LFS108B + LFS108C2 + LFS108E to measure and monitor all your sensing applications
  • Measure, monitor, and log ambient temperature, relative humidity, dew point, non-contact infrared temperature, Frequency, Flow, Contact, Event, and Counter
  • Measure ambient temperature & relative humidity in server rooms, data centers, office buildings, clean rooms, Green houses
  • Measure infrared surface temperature of any moving object in different industries such as Steel, Paper, and Plastic
  • Measure infrared surface temperature of Engine blocks and tires
  • Measure Frequency of Paddle wheel sensors and calculate the Flow and Totalization
  • Measure mechanical or electrical contact closure events from external sensing devices
  • Send sensor data to the Cloud for data visualization and analysis - IoT platform ThingSpeak - No subscription fees

Hardware Specification Highlights

  • Ambient Temperature Range: -15 to 85 °C (5 to 185 °F)
  • Infrared Temperature Accuracy: -40 to 370 °C (-40 to 700 °F)
  • Relative Humidity Range: 0 to 100 %RH
  • Frequency Range: 2 Hz to 200 KHz
  • Emissivity: Adjustable from 0.1 to 1.00
  • Dimensions: 2.35 x 0.70 inches (59.7 x 17.8 mm)
  • PC Software is included
  • Connect to Computer boards such as Raspberry Pi. Sample Python program is available
  • Interfaces National Instruments Labview program. Sample vi program is available
  • Product comes with USB cables

PC Software Specification Highlights

  • Refer to corresponding PC software for each USB sensor board
  • Sends email and text message on alarm condition
  • Live video of the measurement event via Webcam
  • Takes a picture of the event and emails it on alarm condition
  • Sends real time data to the Cloud for data visualization and analysis
  • Verbalizes a message on alarm condition
  • Software Field Calibration
  • Monitor & Log up to 12 USB sensors simultaneously using our free data acquisition software (LFSDAQ)

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